Baton Pavarotti Pearl Molding Gloss Glass Liner

Gloss Glass Liner

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Baton Pavarotti Pearl Molding Gloss Glass Liner

Versatile, contemporary, and timeless - Opera Glass™ offers unrivaled design flexibility for the home or commercial space. With a wide gamut of colors, formats, and finishes, this high quality Glass tile offers designers a wonderful implement for realizing their most elegant concepts. Whether selected for a mosaic, field tile or liner, Opera Glass’ thoughtfully-planned dimensions allow it to fit seamlessly with most stone tile. Pair it with stone for a beautiful accent, or use it indulgently in a luxurious field.
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Details & Installation

Application Type Value
Interior Floor No
Shower Wall Yes, including steam
Shower Floor No
Exterior Floor No
Exterior Wall Yes, including freeze thaw
Pool/Fountain Yes
Fireplace Yes
Countertop Yes
Tile Variation 1
Tile Variation 2
Tile Variation 3
Tile Variation 4
Tailored To Customization
Carpet Cutting
Vanity Top
Packing Info
.5 SF per PC
.06 LB per PC
.06 LB per SF
5 PC per BX
.3 LB per BX
0 SF per CRATE
Attribute Value
Color Pavarotti Pearl
Installation & Maintenance
Installation Detail Value
Mortar 1 Mapei Kerabond White w/Keralastic Additive
Mortar 2 Mapei Granirapid White 2-part System
Mortar 3 Mapei Adesilex P10 White w/Keraply Additive
Grout Option 1 Mapei Keracolor Sanded
Grout Option 2 Ardex FG-C Microtec Unsanded
Grout Option 3 Mapei Flexcolor CQ
Grout Joint 1/8" Min.
Membrane Mapei Mapelastic AquaDefense
Caulk Mapei Keracaulk Unsanded
Sealer Not Required
Cleaner AquaMix Concentrated Cleaner
Dry Layout Required Recommended

Size & Scale

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