Code of Conduct

Forced & Child Labor Statement

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Code of Conduct

No Forced or Child Labor

Artistic Tile sources the finest natural and handcrafted materials through partners around the globe and maintains extremely high standards – both in terms of the quality of product, and in the ways our partners conduct business. We do not tolerate forced labor under any circumstances, and we make all possible efforts to ensure that nothing produced with forced labor enters our supply chain.

Every Artistic Tile supplier is required to provide signed statements affirming that they understand that our relationship is contingent upon their maintaining the highest standards of labor contracting, with fair wages, good working conditions, and absolutely no forced or child labor composing any piece of their supply chain.

If Artistic Tile suspects that a supplier may be in violation of our policy, a full review of our relationship will take place, and Artistic Tile will use all available means to investigate. Confirmation of a violation of these commitments will result in an immediate severance of our relationship with the supplier in question.

The ethical production of our products is a core commitment. Artistic Tile is dedicated to ensuring that our products are environmentally, socially, and economically sound. We welcome feedback and concerns – anonymous tips may be submitted here (, or any party may contact us via email at