Custom Cutting & Finishing

Tailored to
Artistic Tile has the resources and talent in-house to create the most innovative solutions specific to your needs. Our capabilities give designers, architects, builders, and homeowners the opportunity to custom design and custom cut their own mosaic patterns or field tile sizes and shapes.

Artistic Tile’s on-site stone shop allows natural stone, glass, and porcelain to be cut and assembled into hundreds of mosaic patterns and almost fifty field tile sizes. Clients have the flexibility to mix materials, colors, and textures. The possibilities are virtually limitless.


Brushing the surface of the stone offers the look of natural wear over time. Available in various levels of texture, it creates a rich, antiqued appearance.


To create the look of our Corduroy finish, lengthwise ridges are grooved into the stone. After the texture has been applied, the surface is brushed to smooth any rough edges. The dimensional Corduroy finish offers a look not often seen in stone. 


Honed finishing is a treatment that provides a matte non-reflective surface, typically achieved via the use of diamond abrasives.


Polished finishing provides a light-reflective surface, the classic sparkle often associated with natural stone. Polished surfaces are typically achieved via the use of diamond abrasives.


Artistic Tile’s commitment to using state-of-the-art-technology allows us to offer intricate designs that are otherwise cost-prohibitive.

In 2010, we added Waterjet Cutting technology to our Secaucus, New Jersey production facility. The 60,000 psi cutting head of a waterjet machine can cut intricate and curvilinear shapes in stone, porcelain, and glass, yielding tightly nested parts.

The computerized control of the waterjet utilizes the most modern technology in our industry. This in-house capability empowers imaginative designs that are an extraordinary resource for designers of luxury spaces.

Bespoke Customization
Create something totally unique. Our Tailored To program opens the door to endless possibilities in customization. Our talented team is ready to work with you to create something that's uniquely Made for You. Most projects can be completed within four weeks. Tailored To offers an extremely convenient and accessible suite of customization options to designers, architects, builders, and homeowners.

Our customization shop is part of our New Jersey headquarters, adjacent to our magnificent Slab Gallery, located minutes from midtown Manhattan. Clients can select from varying lots of stone tile and can view those lots alongside their slab choices.
Our shop specializes in classic tesserae and curvilinear waterjet mosaic patterns. We can cut stone, porcelain, glass and metal into nearly any shape and size. We have the tools to rectify materials, to alter their finish, and to design something utterly new, working in concert with our inspiring clients.
For complex installations, we offer a unique Carpet Cutting (c) service, that uses a waterjet machine to precisely cut complex fields of mosaics into project-specific shapes. This process  gives installers a perfectly balanced and centered backsplash or floor, shortening on-site timelines, often by days.  All custom components are clearly labeled and packed, making picture-perfect installations a breeze.

Production Facility
Unleash your imagination and create your own vision. Mix and match our developed patterns or invent your own. Possibilities are endless with our state-of-the-art resources!