Artistic Tile | Showroom Experience
An Artistic Tile showroom exudes both the energy of a bustling tile showroom and the lush intimacy of a top couturier’s inner sanctum.

My vision was always to create a space that all of my clients could embrace – an inviting, residential feel, along with a level of luxury found in the spas, restaurants and other businesses that feature Artistic Tile, where our clients are gathering inspiration.

Design influences from my travels provide global perspective. I have been inspired by basilica bays of ancient European churches, where diverse styles co-exist within one chapel. Our use of simple divisions, similar to the famous food markets of Paris and Barcelona, allow clients to be immersed in each setting without distraction from neighboring displays.

My love of glass collecting, and specifically chandeliers, drove the decision for the showroom’s lighting. Handmade Barovier & Toso Murano crystal chandeliers imported from Italy bathe the space in warm residential light, enhanced by task lighting for accurate color definition. Umbrella-shaped fabric canopies suspended from arched ceilings absorb excess sound while also dispersing soft light and providing a serene backdrop.

An extensive Design Library provides a relaxed place in which clients can review countless product samples, neatly stored in an efficient “bin-and-drawer” system we designed. Generously sized work tables create an environment that encourages clients and designers to engage in leisurely working lunches and meetings.

We put that extra effort into each customer experience because we believe that for the client, the process should be as rewarding as the finished project.

Nancy Epstein, Founder & CEO, Artistic Tile

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