Norr | Artistic Tile


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Name:   Norr

Description:   Ceppo di Gré is a brecciated Italian gray limestone, used extensively in European architecture since the Roman period. Originally quarried along the riverbanks of Milan, Ceppo di Gré’s distinctive “rocks and pebbles” composition defines the walls and columns of antique churches and structures throughout Western Europe, but makes it nearly impossible to cut Ceppo di Gré into tile.

Enter NORR. In the classic spirit of Ceppo di Gré, NORR porcelain tiles bridge the gap, capturing the aesthetic of Ceppo di Gré in a randomly grained and pebbled porcelain tile, complete with subtle tonal hues. With NORR, the Ceppo di Gré look is made accessible, durable, and suitable for any indoor or outdoor space.