Ombre Extender White Marble Mosaic

Polished Stone

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Size: 10" X 6-7/16" X 3/8"
Color: White
finish: Polished
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  • It is wise to keep some extra material on hand for post-installation issues that may require the replacement of some tiles
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Ombre Extender Black Marble Mosaic product photo
Ombre Extender White Marble Mosaic product photo
Ombre Grey Mosaic product photo
Ombre Grey Mosaic installation photo
Ombre Grey Mosaic beauty shot product photo
Ombre Lilac Mosaic product photo
Ombre Lilac Mosaic installation photo
Ombre Lilac Mosaic beauty shot product photo
Ombre Lilac Mosaic beauty shot product photo

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Ombre Extender White Marble Mosaic

Ombré Stone Grey arranges a host of classic and beautiful marbles into a cascading wave, sweeping through the legendary white stones from pure white Thassos, to creamy Bianco Dolomiti, into Statuary’s trademark grey on white and the classic grey of Bardiglio Nuvolato, and ending with deep, dark China Black. Each stone is polished for a consistent finish. Extenders are offered in Thassos and China Black, to elongate either end of the Ombré range. Ombré Lilac also begins with Thassos and Bianco Dolomiti, then sweeps into Lilac marble, from soft veins against white to deep purple, all polished. The Thassos extender modulates with Ombré Lilac as well. The design possibilities offered by stone Ombré and its extenders are extraordinary, and promise outstanding results.

Details & Installation

Application Type Value
Interior Floor Commercial Light/Medium
Interior Wall All
Shower Wall Yes, including steam
Shower Floor Yes
Exterior Floor No
Exterior Wall Yes, non-freeze thaw
Pool/Fountain No
Fireplace Surround Yes
Countertop Yes
Tile Variation 1
Tile Variation 2
Tile Variation 3
Tile Variation 4
Tailored To Customization
Carpet Cutting
Vanity Top
Packing Info
0.45 SF per PC
2.124 LB per PC
4.72 LB per SF
10 PC per BX
4.5 SF per BX
21.24 LB per BX
0 SF per CRATE
Attribute Value
Color White
Blend 1 Thassos
Installation & Maintenance
Installation Detail Value
Mortar 1 Ardex X4 White Tile & Stone Mortar
Mortar 2 Mapei Ultraflex 2 White
Grout Option 1 Ardex FG-C Microtec Unsanded
Grout Option 2 Mapei Flexcolor CQ
Grout Option 3 Mapei Ultracolor Plus FA
Grout Joint As Established On Sheets
Membrane Ardex 8 + 9
Caulk Ardex SX
Sealer AquaMix Sealers Choice Gold
Cleaner AquaMix Concentrated Cleaner
Install Instructions TCNA Handbook
Dry Layout Required Full Dry Layout
Showers: Product MUST be installed in accordance with current TCNA Handbook Stone Methods. Note: Individual sheets of this mosaic are not square. Sheets are irregular and combine into a seamless interlocking pattern. Plan your layout accordingly. Fractures in delicate features are inherent. White mortar is recommended for natural stone.

Size & Scale

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