Artistic Tile | Zachary Epstein
Zachary Epstein
Vice President

The youngest of Nancy Epstein’s three sons, it was only natural that Zachary Epstein would step into the family business. Throughout his life he has traveled with Nancy extensively in Europe and the Middle East visiting quarries and ancient ruins, gaining an appreciation for craftsmanship that created beautiful stone mosaics that have weathered thousands of years. He watched in amazement as Nancy turned her global inspiration into innovative designs, often times reinterpreting antiquated patterns with a contemporary eye, that have set new standards in the luxury tile industry.

Throughout his teen years, Zach worked at Artistic Tile. He spent summers in the warehouse and during the school year worked afternoons in the Paramus showroom. Upon graduating college with a degree in Business Administration, Zach assumed a full-time position at Artistic Tile managing assorted aspects of both the retail and wholesale operations. He is now serving as Vice President of the company.

A graduate of the University of Hartford, Zach is married and has a daughter and a son. He is an enthusiastic home cook and can often be found in the kitchen or behind the grill.