Artistic Tile | Michael Epstein
Michael Epstein
Vice President of Marketing

Michael Epstein, Nancy Epstein’s second son, is Vice President of Marketing for Artistic Tile.
Michael is a graduate of New York University and began his career in politics, starting with an internship for a New Jersey Congressman in 2004.  By 2007 Michael was Deputy District Director, responsible for managing the Congressman’s district schedule, meetings, events and NJ offices.
In November of 2007 Michael joined Obama for America, and by early 2008 he was traveling across the country to produce events for then-Senator Obama.
Michael worked as an advance consultant to the 2008 campaign, as a media logistics coordinator for the 2009 Presidential Inaugural Committee, and as an advance associate for the White House from early 2009 until early 2012, when he became a full time Advance Lead.  In each role, Michael spent a majority of his time away from home, traveling the world to produce a variety of events for President Obama and Vice President Biden.

Michael established a reputation in the world of advance for clean visuals, “tight” sites, and extreme attention to detail.  The truth is; these are qualities he learned from Nancy as he watched her build Artistic Tile from the ground up.  Attention to detail, sharp aesthetics and extremely strict quality standards defined the work Michael performed for the White House, just as they are defining characteristics of Artistic Tile in the luxury tile industry.
In the summer of 2012 Michael met the love of his life on an advance trip to Florida.  Michael and Kiera were married in January of 2014 and the couple moved to NYC in March of that year.  Michael started as VP of Marketing in April of 2014.