Naturals Arctic White Polished Field Tile

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Description:    This frost, stain and wear-resistant through-bodied porcelain is a pristine expanse of crystalline white, meticulously rectified for precise installation.

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Name:  Naturals Arctic White Polished Field Tile

Price:  $$

Application:   Shower Floor,Shower Wall,Covered Porch (freeze-thaw environment),Exterior Wall (Freeze-Thaw Environment),Interior Floor (Commercial, Heavy Traffic),Interior Wall,Interior Floor (Commercial, Light / Medium Traffic ),Pool/Fountain (Freeze-Thaw Environment),Interior Floor (Residential, Heavy Traffic),Interior Floor (Residential, Light / Medium Traffic),Steam Shower Floor,Steam Shower Wall

Variation:   Low

Design note:  Per TCNA guidelines, running bond/brick joint patterns for this tile to be set with a maximum offset of 33% and minimum grout joint size of 1/8” unless otherwise approved by owner.
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