Brown Lip Mother of Pearl Loose Mosaic Squares

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Description:    Iridescent cocoa harvested from the Brown Lip Pearl Oyster in loose mosaic squares. May be inserted as an individual accent, or mesh mounted as a single color mosaic, or blended with other colors from the Tropique collection, natural stones, or glass. 100 pieces per SF.

Name:  Brown Lip Mother of Pearl Loose Mosaic Squares

Price:  $$$$$

Application:   Shower Wall,Interior Wall,Interior Floor (Residential, Heavy Traffic),Interior Floor (Residential, Light / Medium Traffic)

Variation:   Medium

Design note:  Suitable for walls and low traffic floors. Not suitable for use in steam showers or floors.

2.This material can be custom blended with any custom cut material of same size and thickness (1-1/4" x 1-1/4" X 3/8").
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