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Q: What setting material do I use for porcelain?
A:Porcelain tile has a low absorption rate and requires a latex modified thinset or medium bed mortar, depending on tile size, to achieve bond. Artistic Tile recommends Mapei Kerabond with Mapei Keralastic additive or equivalent, dependent upon tile size and application.

Q: Should I back butter porcelain tile?
A:When using the proper size trowel, back buttering of porcelain tile should not be necessary. As long as you can achieve 85% coverage in dry areas, 95% in wet areas, back buttering is not required.

Q: Do I have to seal porcelain tile?
A:Typically no, although you may want to consider sealing your grout, or choosing a stain resistant grout such as Star Quartz.

Q: How do I clean porcelain tile?
A:Sweep, vacuum and damp mop using a tile cleaner, so as to not damage your grout.

Q: What setting material should be used for the installation of large format porcelain floor tile?
A:A latex modified setting material suitable for the installation of porcelain tiles is required in order to achieve proper bond. This may be a thinset or a medium bed mortar, depending on the required depth of the setting bed. Consult your setting material manufacturers instructions relative to your application.

Q: Can Elegance Kerlite be used on the floor?
A:Kerlite Plus (with fiberglass backing), stocked by Artistic Tile, is suitable for residential and light commercial flooring, on properly prepared substrates. Kerlite Plus should not be installed in areas subject to heavy loads on rolled carts.

Q: Can Elegance Kerlite be used in a renovation going over existing tile?
A:Yes, Kerlite Elegance can be installed over existing floor and wall tile in residential and light commercial applications, provided the existing tile is sound, well bonded, and free of cracks and contaminants.

Q: My porcelain appears to be etching or staining. What may be the cause?
A:It is possible that there is production residue on the surface of your tile and the staining or etching you are seeing is actually the breakdown of this residue, revealing the desired surface of the tile. The entire surface of the tile may need a thorough cleaning, possibly utilizing a more aggressive cleaner such as Aqua Mix's Nano Scrub. It is advisable to consult a tile care professional in this instance.

Q: What is the difference between through-body and glazed porcelain
A:A through-body porcelain is one material from top to bottom.

Q: Where can I view a catalogue of all of your products?
A:We're happy to offer you our entire product catalogue here: Product Literature