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Q: Do I have to seal natural stone?
A:Yes, all stone must be sealed.

Q: How do I clean natural stone?
A:Artistic Tile recommends the use of pH neutral stone cleaners specifically manufactured for the care of natural stone. Sweep, vacuum, damp mop, and change your mop water when dirty for daily maintenance and use stone care products when necessary. Always follow manufacturer's directions for product use.

Q: What is the difference between vein cut and cross cut?
A:Vein cutting is perpendicular to the natural plane and provides a linear appearance. Cross cut is parallel to the natural plane and provides a clouded appearance. Vein cut and cross cut are terms that typically apply to Travertine.

Q: What is the primary difference between limestone, travertine, and marble?
A:All three varieties of stone are calcium carbonate based. Limestone and Travertine are both sedimentary materials, primary difference being the presence of holes in Travertine due to its formation around mineral springs. Marble is a metamorphic material, and is essentially Limestone that has undergone a change or recrystallization due to pressure or heat.

Q: What is waterjet?
A:A process performed by a highly pressurized and concentrated stream of water and mineral cutting abrasives. Water jets are particularly useful in cutting elaborate curves and patterns.

Q: Where can I view a catalogue of all of your products?
A:We're happy to offer you our entire product catalogue here:  Product Literature